It’s our goal to create strategic and valuable partnerships with all of our high-volume customers.

Industries We Work With

We service a number of industries including the automotive, aerospace, AG, aviation and industrial manufacturing sectors. Our services allow us to deliver high-quality products and record times to ensure your production never misses a beat.


We design components for a variety of vehicles. We’re proud to be the largest aluminum extrusion supplier to Tesla Model 3 & Model S.


Creating specialty products for various aeronautical components. We work with the strongest and most reliable parts for all aviation.


Our advanced materials will give your agricultural manufacturing a competitive edge. From gears to wear pads and pulleys—we can help.

Industrial Manufacturing

Accelerate your engineering. You can rely on us to produce the specialty components you need to advance your rate of production.

Oil & Gas

You need strong materials—and we have them. Our durable, stress-resistant materials stand up to extreme wear and tear.


We provide you with better fasteners at a lower overall cost. From preparation to hardening, our services offer longer tool life.


Even the smallest of parts required the utmost care and precision. We have the ability to handle manufacturing of all sizes.


Our quality parts allow your machines to run at top precision and speed. All gear designs are unique, and ours meet all expectations.

Heavy Equipment

We’re a leader when it comes to machining complex, high-quality components that withstand even the toughest of daily usages.


We handle all biotechnology and pharmaceutical components. Our lightweight and strong materials are perfect for your industry.

Utility Vehicles

Manufacturing CNC machined parts for the commercial & heavy trucking industries. Our products withstand every day, tough use.

Home Appliances

Specializing in machined components and tooling. We deliver on-time and stand behind our expert craftsmanship and quality.


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